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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a premium range of formulas with no artificial sweeteners and with a broad range of health positive nutrients. We are committed to providing healthier options for consumers looking for formula products and to support consumer education about product labels to assist consumers to make healthier choices. We understand that breast feeding is best for babies, and we wholeheartedly support breast feeding where possible. We also understand that breast feeding is not always possible.

Nutrico infant and toddler formula:

Nutrico formula comes in three stages, infant, follow-on and toddler formula.

All three stages:

  • Are free from maltodextrin and corn syrup solids
  • Have no added non-milk sugars
  • Include both FOS and GOS
  • Include Omega 3’s
  • Have no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours
  • Has a premium blend of Australian dairy milk and a broad range of nutrients developed to sustain the growth and development of babies
  • Made in Australia and Australian owned.

Nutrico is free from maltodextrin and corn syrup solids. We believe all formula should be free of non-milk added sugars, as research has shown that

  • Infant formula with non-milk sugars such as maltodextrin and glucose syrup solids has been found to significantly contribute to tooth decay, compared to formulas which has only lactose (milk sugar)
  • Studies have shown that maltodextrin changes gut bacteria, suppressing the growth of probiotics, promoting the growth of unhealthy bacteria and increasing the risk of inflammatory disease.

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